1. Parents and Grandparents applications "intent to apply" (PGP) will open on January 28, 2020.. Its first come first serve. So be ready to file it if you are eligible to apply.

2. Present intake for Express Entry is around 464 and will inch up as the world becomes more and more informed. French/English speaking applicants have better chances because French fluency add an additional 30 points to your score. Fluent French speakers stand a better chance of invitation. Some provinces have special programs for fluent French speakers. Presently there are approximately 70,000 applicants in the Express Entry Pool and around 2,000 applicants on average are invited after every 2 weeks. Students with only grade 12 educations back home have a challenge. Make sure if you are grade 12, you could go for three years course at a community college not private career college. LMIA will get you additional 50 points and having a sibling who is PR get you additional 15 points.

3. Business Applicants: Ontario business program will get you a 2 year work permit so you can explore business in

Ontario. If you meet the terms and conditions you will be invited to apply for PR after 2 years. 2017 there were no invitation for business applicants.

There are good programs in Manitoba, SASK, BC and PEI but you must compete with other applicants from the pool. However, for investor Quebec Investor program is great but majority of cases are selected from China. 

If you can invest $800,000 for 5 years without interest and a strong record keeping you may qualify.

4. Student must be very very cautious: don't hang around without status; this will be very detrimental to your PR application. So if you are OUT OF STATUS, leave immediately and reapply with explanation. 

And, if you fail a course you may not be eligible for P.G.W.P. (rehman vs CIC)

5. If you are visiting Canada, you may apply for a work Permit from outside (port of entry) if the employer qualifies and you are a suitable candidate based on your education, experience and or NOC requirements. 


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