​​​​​​​Metro Immigration


​International Students and Temporary Foreign Workers (CEC) are eligible to apply under Express Entry in a pool and compete among others in the pool as well as FSW(foreign skilled workers) 
Eligibility to apply : Under CEC, twelve months of full-time permanent work experience (at least 30 hours/week) out of last thirty six months & English language proficiency test. www.ielts.org. IELTS score will be required to according to NOC Code. For example for NOC code falling in B NOC will require 5.5 however, if segment is .5 low it can be recovered from other segment.(a bit tricky). However, under FSW you must score 6 in each segment to be considered. So if you have AEO or LMIA you will get 50 points out of 1200. You will be in a pool among others and will be selected depending upon your age (over 33 negative marking), IELTS score (higher the score higher in the pool), Credential evaluation (degree v Diploma), If you have a Degree in Canada you will be higher in the pool instead someone with a Diploma. It also matters if you are married or not. You will remain in the pool for 1 year. And if you are invited you must full fill the requirments within 60 days otherwise rejection.Putting incorrect info onto the jobbank site will render you ineligible to apply for 2 years for misrepresentation.  

Age= 20 to 29 maximum point 100(married)---------------110(if single)

Education=                               140---------------------------150

English/French                          150--------------------------160

Canadian Work Exp                   70--------------------------- -80

(to gain loss of 40 points if married, your spouse be required to acquire points on education, language (IELTS/CELPIP), and Canadian Work Experience)

On Skill transferability = 100 points maximum which will depend upon high IELTS (CLB 7 or more), Canadian Degree Program, Canadian Experience etc. Please note if you have done grade 12 from back home and have done 2 years diploma in Canada

you may not acquire enough points in relation to someone who has done Degree Program in Canada. In that case LMIA for PR is an ideal situation or PNP Program. Presently Ontario will accept with 400 points or higher and special program for French speaking applicants. Federally, since January 13 draws have been drawn and now accepted score out of the pool is around 461.

Why most of the applications get refused : Inappropriate Work Experience Letter, unmatched NOC Code, fraudulent work experience, Jobs performed under NOC C & D level, low IELTS/CELPIP score. There has been cases where application will reject due to Wage issue. There are lots of case law to deal with it (grey area)
Live-in-caregiver application is not processed under Canadian Experience Class. Those application are processed under different matrix. Now livein can be live out. serious changes in processing has occoured.

If you have one year of full-time work experience and get out of status due to any reason, you still may apply under Canadian Experience Class​ from outside Canada within the last 36 months. However, if you are inadmissible to Canada due to security, health or financial reasons, you may not be eligible under this category. Still, if you do and rejected, you could go to Federal Court if you think, the officer had made a mistake.

Complexity of ​IELTS Score Calculation : Let's say, you are under NOC Level B and IELTS score of 5.5 needed. Even though you may not have scored 5.5 individually, you may still be OK if one of the four you scored higher to compensate for the other.

Please note under Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) 6 band in each IELTS module (General not academic) is important for you to apply as well as Credential Evaluation by WES. Your higher DISTANT EDUCATION (correspondence) May not get you any point under FSW. You may apply under FSW instead of CEC because CEC applications are aggressively scrutinized by CIC officials especially on experience issue as well as wage issue.  


The latest changes to CEC may have significant impact your application. There are 6 profession have been deleted as well as there are CAPS on each category. However, one could still apply under AEO or PNP Ontario if applicable. Under Ontario PNP, the employer must have at least one million in sales as well as 5 employees. Ontario recently doubled its nominee applicants (2500)  ​

EXPRESS ENTRY will even have a significant change which is coming into force Jan 1, 2015. Any application not submitted before Dec 15, 2014 in its entirety could fall under new system. For some Express Entry will be a blessing and for others a disaster. Now applicant will be called EXPRESSION OF INTEREST which mean they will not have right to appeal. And qualified candidates nominated by employers will be invited for "application" under EXPRESS ENTRY.