​​​​​​Metro Immigration


Parents and Grand parents applications filed abefore Nov 2011 are now invited for further documentation i.e reevaluation.

Spousal applications are now once again processed faster i.e turn around time by CIC Ottawa within 2 weeks once you file it at CPC Miss

Federal Investor and Entrepneur Applications are terminated as of Feb 2014. Please note that Quebec Investor program is still open for people who speak French. Starting April 1, 2014 regular investor Prog for Quebec has been re launched. Application will be accepted as of Sept 1, 2014. However, the details of the program/forms are still sketchy. The number of applications accepted may be by country and or Bank Broker oriented. 

DEPENDENT CHILDREN is at 19 effective August 1, 2014 (very significant change). However, Liberal Government intends to raise it back to 22.

Officers do not have to determine who is full time student, dependent on financial support on parents or not etc etc . 


2. 2015 expected to have 261,000 immagrants (63% economic, 26% family and 10% humanitarian 

3. New Liberal Government intends to waive off $1000 for LMIA application Employer.

Employer really have to  justify "Why a foreign Worker? Why not a Canadian? student applying for LMO and foreign workers   asking for extention be cautious. Some sectors are excluded for LMIA under NAFTA. LMIA are divided now either LOW WAGE JOBS or High Skilled Jobs depending upon the wage offered instead of normal NOC code. These changes do not impact Farm Workers. 

4. Some Quebec Investor Program application can still available. Countries where investor have lack of documentation risk rejection i.e India 

5. Alberta Family Stream is now closed Students who has a valid job offer from Alberta employer can apply for a PNP. However, intention to stay in the province permanently is important. Therefore, if you have studied outside Alberta, it may be difficult to prove it. Be cautious! (September 24, 2013)

6. PEI Immigrant Partner Program still has not opened yet but be ready(any time) 

​7. Quebec Skilled worker Program French is must with Advanced Intermediate Level.

8. Family Class applications (parents/grand) filed before May 28, 2010 are now been asked to submit additional or current information

9. You may consider EB5 investor program for US Green Card instead of Canadian Investor Program

10. Nurses may be eligible for PNP program but not under Federal (French not really important but English is) 

11. Saskatchewan is looking for experienced Dr under a special program.

12. Applying as a Farmer under Federal Self Category may not be a good idea. Check the statistics as well as self employed requirements carefully

13. PNPManitoba,Alberta maybe better option but check out the success rate so far. What is a farmer? The average size of a farm in Canada is almost 800 acres. 14. Professions in Demand  Engineers (Mechanical, Chemical, Mining, Geological, Petroleum,Aerospace and Computer)/Para Medics(Occupational Therapists, Medical sonographers, Medical Radiation Technologists,clinical perfusionists, pathologists assistant, medical laboratory technicians and medical laboratory technologists)/ land surveyors (inspectors in public and environmental health, and occupational health and safety) and nurses in Quebec.


14. BC Investor Program is "paused". However, Ontario business program will open in January.

Requirement: Need net worth of $800,000. Invest $500,000 within 2 years and one can apply for PR.

In the meantime you get Work Permit for 2 years.