​​​​​​Metro Immigration


November 19, 2016 new rules take place regarding SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM i.e Express Entry and LMIA. More specifically the points awarded for LMIA has been reduced from 600 to 50. This is significant.

However, extra 30 points have been awarded for students who study in Canada for 3 years or more with Canadian experience. In other words if you have Degree from back home plus 3 years education in Canada with experience and High IELTS you are likely to be invited. 

Ontario Business Program is pretty attractive. Net worth of one Million and intention to invest at least $500,000

in Ontario. Once qualified you will get 2 years work permit to establish your business and create at least 2 jobs.

Once you fulfill the requirements you will be invited to apply for a PR.

Nanny Program is pretty attractive especially if you are from India and have done Nursing. Canada ageing population requires IN HOME services rendered by foreign caregivers. In other words if you have an elderly parent with disability you may bring someone with nursing background within 6 months.

Parents and Grand parents applications: "get ready" now. CPC will be accepting 10000 PGP applications in 2017. First come first serve. The quota will be completed in first 2 weeks of 2017 from our previous experience.    

​Ontario PNP is still "on hold" technically and it is hoped that will start taking new applications in October 2016. The Ontario Business Program applicants have start receiving invitations. 

Saskatchewan is pretty attractive destination for students. The total intake is around 10000 total applications this year. Please note they will take around 1000 students and 50 farmers. So far all 50 applicants for farmer category are vacant i.e no suitable candidate. Why? average farm size is around 1000 acres in Sask and farmers from some part of the world have small small parcel with no education etc etc ​ 

2. 2015 expected to have 261,000 immigrants (63% economic, 26% family and 10% humanitarian 

3. So far New Liberal Government has not waived off $1000 for LMIA application for Employer.

4. The dependent age from 19 to 22 has not been raised yet as promised by new liberal government. 

5. Some Quebec Investor Program application can still available. Countries where investor have lack of documentation risk rejection i.e India 

6. Family Class applications (parents/grand) filed before 2015 have been asked to submit additional or current information as well medicals.

7. You may consider EB5 investor program for US Green Card instead of Canadian Investor Program

8. Nurses may be eligible for PNP program but not under Federal (French not really important but English is) 

9. Saskatchewan is looking workers in the "food" industry. 

10. Applying as a Farmer under Federal Self Category may not be a good idea. Check the statistics as well as self employed requirements carefully. "Don't get caught by juicy advertisements"

11. BC Investor Program is open but only the best candidates from the pool will be accepted.

12. The last draw from express entry pool invited people with over 500 points. The liberal focus is more on family class than skilled workers. Students are hoping for a program similar to CEC which ended in December 2014